Thursday, March 06, 2008

Popcorn for dinner again.

As I'm sneaking this post in during work, I'm just going to play the "If I could" game with myself:

1. Eat anything right now: it would be braised swordfish in some sort of fancypants wine reduction sauce with a side of some sort of really delicious potato item. And an iced tea, lightly sweetened with a bullshit hippy sweetener like stevia. Posh!

2. Be anywhere right now: I would be in a garage in a state other than California, with warm air at night, in a hammock, with some paintings drying nearby, and a crappy boombox playing Grizzly Bear's "Knife."

Rather, I'm still at work. But "work" today involved a long chat with the director of the Steve Allen Theater about a guy who was born in a carnival, then I ate some chocolate, watched a trailer for the movie "The Thing"(research) and am now re-writing a story about Bjork and some yaks. Not too shabby.

Deadlines loom, so I'm off to finish them up. Please tell no one of this egregious time mis-management.

High five,


Michael Front said...

you's enjoys popcorns?

Anonymous said...

fancy pants - 2 words.