Sunday, June 29, 2008

A conversation with myself

Me:"Hey Ward, you kind of suck at updating your blog."
Me: "Which blog. We've got three blogs."
Me:"Mehr. We do have three blogs. No wonder we suck."
Me: "You know why else we suck? Because you ate 7 peanut butter cookies for dinner today."
Me: "Shut up. You loved it. "
Me: "I did."

I'm lying on my stomach on the floor of my Eagle Rock apartment/one bedroom sauna, wrapping up a rather lovely weekend: the perfect balance of cookies, running, lying in the grass, updating the CMS on the Curiology website, taking a vegan cooking class and working on an email mailer for a new set of prints. I also finally purchased a tube dress. (Georgia- we'll discuss this later.)

I'll keep y'all updated on the progress of the new batch of paintings, and the prints for the older ones. I'll also keep you posted on my search for a reliable, pre-owned time machine. I think if I find a reasonably priced one and fix it up a little, I'll be meeting my deadlines in no time.

Let's hang out yesterday,
Von Wardenhoffer