Tuesday, March 18, 2008

McNuggetinis? McNuggetinis.

I can't begin to describe the experience of drinking a cocktail made form 100% McDonald's ingredients*. Not to mention, it was my first-ever martini garnished with meat.

Behold: the McNuggetini.

Hop over to Georgia's blog for the full scoop, the recipe and the play by play, as captured by her lovely sister Leah, who happens to be a highly regarded professional photographer. Georgia envisioned a 50s housewife mood, which explains my ironically smug facial expressions. Except for when we start wretching. Those were all real, y'all.

Seriously, have a look. It's revoltingly delicious.


*To be factual, it was approx 15% Absolut Vanilla by volume. One cannot drink through a rim of barbecue sauce without some vodka waiting on the other side to dull the nausea.

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