Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I been paintin'

The original purpose of this blog was not to muse on about hammocks--though my passion for them burns bright--but rather to keep folks up to date on some painting-related goings on. I've been a little lax on that front.

So in addition to tales of desperado cocktails, I also present to you, dear comrades, some recent unfinished projects to peep at. The first one will be scripted and titled, "Sure." and the second one, called "Anywhere" is in the nascent stages. Forgive the highly unprofessional photography.

"Sure." (unfinished), acrylic on wood

"Anywhere" (unfinished) acrylic on wood

My older archives are at Curiology.com, in case you're all like "What, the girl from that website paints stuff n' shit?" Yarp.

Thanks for taking a gander, and please rock on at all costs.

Most sincerely,