Friday, March 28, 2008

4 Lovelies

Nobody's a stranger to the blues. I find myself, every so often, in a tear soaked jumpsuit, nursing a homemade "mudslide" crafted from sugar free Nestle Quick and vodka, wondering why the hell some days are better than others. Generally, this state lasts only a few hours, until I remind myself to think of 4 lovely things.

I've started to do this on a daily basis. Since then, things have been pretty sunny.

Today's 4 lovely things:

1. Lemonade made with meyer lemons from my sister's tree (I am presently enjoying this beverage)
2. Today is the first day I saw rosebuds on the bush outside my apartment
3. Hammocks, in general
4. The time my family posed for a Christmas portrait wearing fake mustaches

If you have 4 things lovely rattling around your brain, post 'em, peeps.


Michael Front said...

1. Stuffed crust pepperoni pizza
2. White wine spritzers
3. Rental cars
4. Freedom for 48 hours

Georgia said...

1. Waking up to find Elvis nestled in the crook of my arm
2. Barbecue sauce
3. Forever 21
4. Spooning and being spooned

Anh said...

1. having great pals
2. getting paid to be a nerd
3. weekends in san francisco
4. being young at heart

Hank said...

I have four kids. Those are my four things. Every day.

I just wanted to comment on the whole "Nestle Quick and vodka" thing. I'd just move on to single malt scotch, you know what I'm sayin'?

I got to you through a comment you left on Georgia's site.

Anonymous said...

1. night hikes with AW with smelly jasmin
2. tots n tutus
3. dollar sale at jet rag
4. the time moms and i got drunk off of zimas and danced and pranced in the living room